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Here In The Rainfall

Rough Home Demo

Freeman · Here In The Rainfall (Home Demo)

Recorded live onto Mini Disc - 3rd March 1997 Gregorian


Piano and vocal - LAF

Acoustic guitar noodling - Cliff Coates



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© Project Freeman Music (1997 Gregorian)

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Here in the rainfall

I can feel the sun

Shining on me

And here in the rainfall

I can see the world

How it will be


And I have a vision

That one day we’ll see

If you share the vision with me


Now that it’s cloudy

You can feel the breeze

Blowing your mind

And now that it’s cloudy

The mountains and the trees

You need to find


Just make the connection

Take hold with your soul

We all are a rock that can roll



The Story of 'Here In The Rainfall'...

Sunshine through the rain

I really don't remember writing this one at all! It's likely that I had just written it when my old song writing buddy Cliff (Coates) came over to my place for a little music session towards the end of winter that year, and so we recorded it just to "get it down" so we wouldn't forget it (well done lads!). That was the same day we did a little demo of The Castle Crumbles From Within too.

All I know is that it's about staying positive through tough times and having faith that the metaphoric sun will always come out again after the metaphoric rain, because, well it always does right?! So as long as we keep our soul connection with nature and spirit everything will be ok :)

Actually I think that's a pretty sweet message, so I'm glad I found this one down in the bottom of the demos barrel :D


- o X o -


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