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Slow Down

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman ยท Slow Down



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© Project Freeman Music (31st August 2008 Gregorian)


Sometimes I rush into things too fast

Maybe scared that they won't last

I gotta grab it now

My new things consume my every thought

And I forget what I was taught

the last time


I see, how sweet things could be

But I, want it now and drag you all along with me

A big change, takes so much energy



Got to slow down

And things will come 'round

To how their meant to be


I'm so impulsive, I rush in

Chuck it all into the bin

And start again

But I give so much of me away

Trying to prove the things I say

Can all come true


You didn't want anything to change

But off I go like a man that's mad, obsessed, deranged

And the me you love has all been rearranged


Repeat Chorus


In my head I see things three months down the line

But by the time I get there I've spent too much time

Trying to make the future now that I'm burnt out inside

Got to get back, to the real me


I want to have a life with you

But not forget that we are two

Different people

I see I've changed too much to soon

And I ain't coped with my own room

Through all the changes


I've tried, to please you all as much as

I could, and ended up on crutches

Not me, I can't control all the little touches


Repeat Chorus


Gotta slow down

Gotta slow down

Gotta slow down

Gotta slow down



The Story of 'Slow Down'

slow down

Every relationship teaches us about ourselves, and if we're lucky, how and why we behave the way we do, and most importantly how we can learn from those experiences and get it right next time.

So this is a "realisation" song, written half way through one of my best and most important relationships, when I was figuring out why things were going the way they were at the time. Patience is a virtue as they say, and it's certainly been one of my big life lessons. I always used to try to push things along, impatient to get to where I could see things could be, but you gotta slow down when there are others involved, and you can't expect everyone to see what you can see at the same time

(I did actually end up on crutches through overdoing it, trying to please everyone, assuming of course that they actually wanted what I thought they did!)

Gotta SLOW DOWN! ;)


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music (2008 Gregorian)