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Peace Love and Freedom

Camper Van Demo

Freeman · Peace Love and Freedom (Camper Van Demo)



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© Project Freeman Music 15-21 Cancer 13518 & 1 Aquarius 13519 UCC (2017/19 Gregorian)

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You conquered us, through your divides and separations

You've kept us down, from your unworthy elevations

With your fake wealth, gained from our pain and infiltration

and from what you stole by selling greed in privatisations

And you want us dumb, lost in sporting altercations

You want us base, lost in porn and masturbation

You've slaughtered Indigents, Africans and Haitians

And many more in your genocidal, military invasions...


We wondered why, but now have all the explanations

We have researched, with utmost dedication

And shared the truth, seen in the PEACE of meditation

And you cannot hide, from all these revelations

We've had enough, you will no longer test our patience (or on our patients!)

Our People Power, NOT your league of nations

We will full-fill, our moral obligations

And No More allow our nature's degradation...


You've loved our fear, now fear our LOVE in correlation

Now we will balance, both sides of all equations

And not accept, your cowardly evasions

Nor will we rise, to your constant aggravations

We will not fall, for your false flag operations

We now see through your media's manipulations

We declare PEACE! We will see all your wars cessations

As we stand in LOVE, NOT at your battle stations

To watch your demise, your Babylon's obliteration

As your System crumbles into in-signification...


For G.O.D. is Generation, Operation and Destruction

You chose destruction, we choose the FREEDOM of Creation

To Unite in PEACE, and LOVE all future Generations

And Celebrate Peace, Love and Freedom's true elation

And Celebrate Peace, Love and Freedom's true elation...

(repeat to end)



The Story of 'Peace Love and Freedom'


This one started off with me just humming the line "we won't fall for your false flag operations" as I was pottering about one beautiful Cancer♋-ian summer morning in the van at a beach in Galicia. I guess I was thinking about all the coverage of the so called 'terror attacks' that had happened recently in Britain, which of course whilst being absolutely tragic for the people involved are small scale in comparison to the atrocities committed by HM GOV (Her Majesty's Genocidal Overseas Violence) abroad, and are it appears by and large instigated by said same HM GOV anyway, and which are mostly ignored by the compliant 'UK' corporate media at the same time...

I was also inspired by some fine free style jams I'd had with a fine chap known as 'Cutty Wren' down in the Algarve that spring and the way him and his brother Loush deliver their lyrics. So this just ended up being most suited to that style because of the topic involved, and I can imagine these two guys doing this one a lot more justice than me actually!

Thinking about a title I realised that I didn't have a song called Peace Love and Freedom, which is how I always sign off emails, posts and blogs etc (or 'PLaF' for short) and as these words found their way into the lyrics that became the perfect title...

There's also a little homage to my good friend and brother poet 'Prajna Pranab' in the 'declare peace' part of the lyrics

If you agree with the sentiment behind these words please share far and wide...


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music 13518/19 UCC (2017/19 Gregorian)