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I Know Why




© Project Freeman Music (1991 Gregorian)

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You send me to another plane

I take you with me when I go

Together we have much to gain

Why aren't we there now do you know?



Ahhh, I Know Why... I Know Why, I Know Why, I Know Why



Why can't you face the fact that I exist?

Why can't you bear to face the truth?

I know you want me, why do you resist?

Do you need undisputed proof?


Repeat Chorus


Don't take too long, I might get sick of waiting

But don't give up I'll just get sick


Repeat Chorus


I Know Why...



The Story of 'I Know Why'

A song to that girl that you know fancies you, and you both flirt like crazy, but other circumstances get in the way. So this is me kind of singing to her - look I know we'd be together if we could be, but I know why we can't be...

I was a big fan of the band Airhead at the time and this tune amongst others of mine at the time was "heavily influenced" by them

So, why not enjoy a bit of the real thing?

Below are a few of Airhead's singles from their 1991 album "Boing"

Airhead - Funny How

Airhead - Counting Sheep


Airhead - Right Now



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