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The Whale and The Octopus

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Freeman · The Whale and The Octopus



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© Project Freeman Music: 11 Aries♈ 13519 UCC (2nd April 2018 Gregorian)


The Whale and Octopus were friends

They met one day near by the shore

The Octopus could not pretend

He liked that Whale more and more


They swam together when they could

Whenever Whale was free to go

And Octopus he understood

The things that Whale would like to know



And Octopus would love to wrap eight arms around her

And hug her tightly as she came and went

And in those moments there existed whole lifetimes

That together they had spent


They talked for hours when they met

And shared their stories of the sea

And as they talked the Sun would set

Then Whale had somewhere else to be


Repeat Chorus


So what becomes of our two friends?

The times they share are ‘qualitea’

No words are written for the end

So we’ll just have to wait and sea...



The Story of The Whale and The Octopus

whale and octopus

A little metaphorical tale about two friends who met on the coast :)

(It looks like the octopus was rather smitten with the whale!)

This little picky finger style tune is so cute, and it really worked for the spontaneous idea inspired by this muse. The whole thing came together in no time at all, and the camper van demo here was recorded straight afterwards. Pretty sweet eh? Just like that whale! ;)


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music 13519 (2018)