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Yes I Do!

(Unrequited Waitress)

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Freeman · TRUEbadours - Yes I Do (Unrequited Waitress)

Performed by 'TRUEbadours' (Litmus A Freeman & Prajna Pranab)

Music by Litmus © Project Freeman Music 13521 UCC (2020 Gregorian)

Recorded and produced by Litmus



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(Arranged by Litmus from the poem 'Unrequited Waitress' by Prajna Pranab)

© Prajna Pranab



I love you, yes I do!

I love you, yes I do!

I love you, yes I do!


I love you, yes I do!

And I always meant to say

Ohhh, what's your name anyway?


Every day, I see your face

And I love you-oo

I love you, yes I do!


In the office, in the morning

When there's not too much to do

I think of you-oo

And I love you, yes I do!


Repeat Chorus


I'm thinking of you in the cafe where you work

In the evening in the bar

In the corner, in the distance

I watch you...

from afar...


Repeat Chorus


Yes I do-oo-oo...



The Story of 'Yes I Do!'

Unrequited Waitress Prajna

Prajna tuning up, ready to record for his 'Unrequited Waitress'


Having been presented with a book of original poems by my good friend (and now fellow 'TRUEbadour') Prajna Pranab, I was inspired to put a couple of them to music. The first of these was 'Free Not To Be Normal' back in 13517 UCC (2016 Gregorian), but our definite favourite is now this little 'SubTles' style ditty using the words of Prajna's poem 'Unrequited Waitress'

It was the 'I Love You. Yes I Do' line in particular that grabbed me, as I just kept singing it over and over in my head. It seemed to me to be perfect for an early BeaTles style pop-fest in the mode of 'She Loves You' and those other early sixties 7 inch vinyl singles and B sides.

My original tune was in the key of G, as per the downloadable sheet here, but it was always a bit high on the choruses. I knew we'd have to drop it a few frets when it came to recording it and, thanks to on the spot feedback from my brother at the time, we ended up in E. Interestingly (for me at least!) 'She Loves You' is also in G but I always sing it in E too, so I guess unless anyone out there happens to have the range of a 20 year old Paul McCartney they might want to sing it in E also...

We recorded it in my little mobile home studio set up in Ericeira, Portugal during our first lot of 'TRUEbadours' sessions for Part One of our first songs collection 'Introductory Notes'.

Part One focuses mainly on Prajna's songs whilst Part Two, to come later, will feature more of mine.

It's also available on our TRUEbadours SoundCloud

TRUEbadours - Yes I Do (Unrequited Waitress)

Since we recorded this it always makes me laugh! Anytime I need a little lift I just put this one on, or even just sing it, and it makes me smile and feel happy cos of its big dollop of pop cheese :)

I hope our little tune has the same effect on you - YES I DO!


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music 13521 UCC (2020 Gregorian)