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Even When You Go

Rough Studio Demo

Freeman กค Even When You Go (Rough Demo)

Recorded by Steve Cooper



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© Project Freeman Music

(1991 Gregorian)

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Even when you go

There are things you'll always know

I'm thinking of you now

You're the one who showed me how

I'll never let you go

Because I know you know how I feel

Even when you go


Even when we fight

Even when it's every night

I still have love inside

Love thats run away to hide

I can't let it go

Because I know you know how I feel

Even when you go


Middle Eight

There are times

When we throw up our arms in despair

Even then

You know and I know

That we have a lifetime to share


So even when your sad

Even when I drive you mad

Don't give up on me

It's not as bad as it could be

Never let it go

Try and let me know how you feel

Even when you go


Instrumental Verse


Repeat Middle Eight


Repeat Last Verse


Even when you go

Even when you go

Even when you go



The Story of 'Even When You Go'

Even when we fight I still love you

An ode to my wife after an arguement, this was an early attempt to write a 'Beatlesque', 2 to 3 minute, boy/girl pop tune in early 60s style. It's not a great demo by any means, quickly done in a mate's studio on a lunch break between meetings in London, so it's here just to hear how the song goes. (One day I'll get around to doing a decent version hopefully)

It's a pretty standard structure, but with the refrain at the end of each verse, rather than in a stand alone chorus. The title melody is "inspired" by the guitar riff from 'Here I Stand' by The Milltown Brothers which was a favourite tune of mine around this time, and the rest followed on from there :)

But my favourite part of this song is the 'middle eight', which is actually a 'middle twelve' in this case. The Beatles had some great middle eights and a good one can really make the tune

And it was fun to get the phrase "throw up" into a romantic pop song :)


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© Project Freeman Music (1991 Gregorian)