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I Don't Need Her

Home Studio Demo

  Recorded onto a Fostex M80 reel to reel 8 track



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© Project Freeman Music (1993 Gregorian)

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I yearned for something I'd got

I learned something forgotten

Patiently you waited watching me


Now that she's gone

Maybe I'm wrong

But you are the one I decided upon



Ah ah when the feeling's gone

And you think it'll never come back

You knew there was something wrong

Pulled me back, where I belong



I Don't Need Her

I Don't Need Her

I Don't Need Her

I Only Need You


I found myself on my knees

Lost control of my feelings

Selfishly I wanted her and you


Now that I'm here

Maybe we're near

To feeling the strength of our love re-appear


Repeat Bridge then Chorus Twice


If you only knew

What I've been through

To be here with you


Repeat Chorus Three Times To End


Repeat Bridge & Chorus



The Story of 'I Don't Need Her'


An "I'm Not In Love" type song

Loving two people but having to choose one

A song to the one you chose

Convincing yourself that you made the right decision...


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© Project Freeman Music (1993 Gregorian)