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My Friend Hugo

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman - My Friend Hugo



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© Project Freeman Music (25/9/2005 & 6/10/2007 Gregorian)


Scene One: Hugo Is Pissin’ Me Off



My friend Hugo follow me around

Where I go ‘e go sometimes he been a gettin’ me down

He so annoyin’ when he land on my ‘ead

Or my arm or my leg and even when I’m in my bed


He was created just to piss me off

Or test my patience, like Windows in da micro soft

And like a program he seem stuck on repeat

Round and round he go ‘n I can’t escape or press delete


Scene Two: The Realisation – Hugo Is A Program of the Matrix Designers!

The Enlightenment - Embrace Your Inner Fly!



But now I realise he was just a test

He really friendly if I don’t treat him like a pest

He just get lonely when he’s on his own

And he so happy to see me when I get back home


He brings the spirits of souls I used to know

So they can visit just for a day and then they go

Like good old Brucey, I knew that it was him

When Hugo showed me his white arse on my toilet rim


So now I’m chillin and Hugo is my mate

But he’s a pervert, he like to watch me masturbate!

I think he needs a little female fly

To make his day on earth one he’ll remember in the sky


So my friend Hugo follow me around

Where I go ‘e go but ‘e no longer getting me down

He so friendly when he land on my ‘ead

If he had a tail he’d wag it till his arsehole bled!


My friend Hugo follow me around

Where I go ‘e go but ‘e no longer getting me down



The Story of 'My Friend Hugo'

My Friend Hugo

(Image downloaded from: http://runningforcrayons.blogspot.com/2010_06_01_archive.html)


Written for my friend, Hugo, my pet fly and travelling companion! xD

Part One was back at a time when I was getting annoyed by little things because I was looking at things the wrong way. It can be like this when we're more in 'victim' mode, moaning about things that seem to be going wrong, rather than being grateful for the positives. During part one I even shaved all my hair off (what was left if it!) because of "Hugo", as I called him, really pissing me off, buzzing in my face one hot summer's day when I was cleaning the house! ha ha. But having had that cathartic experience I had the idea to celebrate my fly friend rather than moan about him and began the tale but didn't finish it off at the time.

Fast forward a couple of years to Part Two, when I found myself in Belgium, travelling alone in my camper, at the end of my inaugural euro-tour, and noticing that I had seemed to have had a single fly in my camper at all times during the trip. There he was again that day when I got back to the van having looked around Brugge before driving to Dunkirk to get the ferry.

I was even more in that positive frame of mind by then and was loving van life. So I decided to finish my ode to Hugo and threw in a few other comic references, such as the fact that my old childhood dog Bruce had been renowned for the ring of white hair he had around his arse, so you could spot him a mile off! Honestly, one day Hugo appeared with a white back end and sat on the edge of the loo, so I thought maybe he was a one day reincarnation of my old pooch come to say hi :)

Anyway, the point is that life is so much better when your glass is half full, so if something is annoying you remember that we are all one with everything, and that everything is connected at the quantum level, so the thing that is really annoying you is an aspect of yourself. Once you embrace that part of 'The All' within you you will realise a whole different perspective.... Well, most of the time anyway! ha ha


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