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The Wheel Barrow Song

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · The Wheel Barra Song

Recorded in camper 'van Poncho at Foz do Lizandro, 14 Capricorn♑ 13523 UCC



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© Project Freeman Music - 15 Sagittarius♐ 13522 UCC

(3rd December 2021 Gregorian)

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Now I'm renowned around these parts for growing tasty veg

I store 'em in me pantry, on a special veggie ledge

Then I wheel 'em down the market in me barra and I make a tidy wedge

But I couldn't go to sell this time, and this is why - I pledge!



Someone took my wheel barra-way

Someone took my wheel barra-way

Some cunt nicked me barra

*Me pumpkin and me marra* yeah

Someone took my wheel barra-way


So I had to find me barra in time for the next big market day

I found the front wheel's tyre track and followed it all the way

Until I strode to the tarmac road and me face fell in dismay

Because the trail, there I saw fail and this is why I say. Oh!


Repeat Chorus

(*I'll shoot 'em wi' me bow 'n 'arra*)


So if you see me barra while you're walking down the road

Please bring back me barra and ease my heavy load

Cos if I ain't got me barra me veggie business will implode

And I'll be stuck as poor as fuck as me savings all erode, Oh cos...


Repeat Chorus

(*They weren't on the straight an' narra*)

(*A witch read it in me tarra*)

(*I'm singing like a little sparra*)



The Story of 'The Wheel Barrow Song'

Wheel Barrow full of veggies

This came about as a songwriting challenge one afternoon when my mate Morgan and our mate John were telling me about their friend Rufus who had had his wheel barrow stolen

I'd been playing some of my songs for John for the first time who really liked them, and they reckoned I could probably write one about Rufus's missing wheel barrow

So not to be outdone I came up with this little story (where Rufus is a renowned veg grower!) over the next couple of days and put it to a pretty standard dominant 7th based blues type riff

Apparently the "barra" is still missing, so if you find yourself in the western Algarve at any time keep yer eyes peeled! ;)


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music (1998 Gregorian)