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Breaking Cycles

Camper Van Demo



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© Project Freeman Music - 20 Leo♌ 13513 UCC

(10th August 2012 Gregorian)

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As above below

The study of alchemy shows

The worlds all spiral 'round

As do our cycles too I've found


As the seasons come and go

Our lessons of life all seem to show

We all have cycles we need to break

Seen in dreaming and felt awake


So familiar they become

Like our rising, setting Sun

We almost need them to repeat

Daily dramas to complete


Our minds in subconscious stress

Create the thoughts that we can't confess

And once again we will spiral down

Depression etching into a frown


They call and off we go

As to persistent friends to whom we can't say no

Creating our own misery

Through illusions of stability


But we can break all the cycle pains

'till only positive thoughts remain

By saying 'NO' every time they call

'till no longer they call at all


For all our thoughts are energy

And we can choose to let them be

Or we can choose to let them go

If first we free our minds to know


That breaking cycles is the key

To setting all of our spirits free

Thought in mind, consciously

Manifesting reality and breaking cycles

To be the best that it can be

The best that it can be...

And breaking cycles...

To be the best that it can be



The Story of 'Breaking Cycles'

This was written whilst travelling with a very special kindred spirit, Dani

We'd talked about how we all have cycles of behaviour that seem to repeat over and over again, unless we begin to firstly realise it's happening, identify what the cycles are and then start to put our energy into "breaking the cycles". I'd also talked to my son Thom, about how this can even happen over generations, where the same behavioural patterns and chains of events are passed on from one generation to the next if we're not careful.

My realisation of this was helped by reading the chapter 'Lessons Will Be Repeated Until Learned' in the book ' 10 Rules For Being Human' recommended by my friend Huw...

...and later improved even further by being introduced to the 'Three Principles' work of Syd Banks by my friend Dean

I feel that realising what our cycles are and breaking out of them is one of the best and most important things we can do to enhance the enjoyment of our lives whilst we're here in the material world

Good luck breaking out of yours!


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© Project Freeman Music 13513 UCC (2012 Gregorian)