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My Doggy's Dead

C-amp-er Van Demo

Freeman - My Doggy's Dead

Recorded live DI via my Tanglewood Acoustic Amp parked up at The Groove House



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© Project Freeman Music (2009 Gregorian)



My doggy's dead

My dog, 'e's dead

He got run over by a truck this mornin'

My doggy's dead

And my wife left me

My wife left me

She got a job drivin' trucks now

My wife left me


And I really, really miss my old dog

Yeah I really, really miss my old dog

Can't say I miss my wife that much

But I really, really miss my old dog


'Cause he was the best friend that I ever had

He used to fetch my slippers when I was feelin' bad

He'd sit right down and look at me with eyes all big 'n sad

And now he's gone I don't know what to do...


Repeat Chorus


My wife was an old misery who nagged me all day long

"Put up that shelf! Take out the trash!" were the words of her favourite song

And I knew that her armpits were very prone to pong

And now she's gone my life is pretty sweet

(and smell free!)


Except that...


Repeat Chorus


... hang on a minute?....

She's drivin' trucks?!?



The Story of 'My Doggy...'

poor doggy

An example of a poor doggy lookin' up atcha with them big sad eyes

(with apologies to whoever's dog this actually is!)


This song is based on a little ditty I'd play for my clients at a care home where I used to do music therapy.

Obviously it's a very tongue in cheek tune poking a friendly finger into the ribs of the poor sad ol' "ahm so blue cos every thang's gown wrong" aspect of the country 'n western genre.

Music therapy is one of the best things I've ever done. It really showed me the power of music to break through all kinds of barriers and reach places that sadly for some unfortunate people had otherwise become beyond reach in many ways...

We would have group and one to one sessions and this silly little song became a firm favourite, particularly at the group sessions

It originally only consisted of the chorus, to which I would often add random 'variations on the theme' words each time I played it.

It always makes me smile and brings back happy memories of that fulfilling period of my life, so I thought I'd actually pin down a definitive structure and lyrics and record this little live demo.

(NB. This is a complete work of fiction and does not in any way relate to any actual dogs or wives, living or dead! etc)


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