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Lovely One

C-amp-er Van Demo

Freeman · Lovely One

Recorded live in the camper van - DI through my Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Amp



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© Project Freeman Music: 18 Aries♈ 13519 UCC (9th April 2018 Gregorian)


Lovely one I haven't known you so long but

Even though this may be true

Nevertheless I have written this song

And I'd love to sing it for you


Love, may be too strong a word

Eventually maybe but for

Now I just know that I like you a lot

And just why I would love to explore


Look at your life, can you

Empathise with what I say?

No one can tell us who we really are

All this comes to us day by day


Living and learning is what we're here for

Experience shows us the way

Nothing can force us to be what we're not

And in you I see all this in play, hey...


Little by little I'm learning to live

Expressing how I really feel

Not always have I been accustomed to this

And not always known when it's real


Lately I feel a connection with you

Even though you're far away, and

Near you I feel so balanced it's true

And so I am writing to say


Look at your life, do you

Empathise, know what I mean?

No one can tell us where we are bound

As we're coming from where we have been


Living and loving is why we are here

Experiencing life as we go, we'll

Never miss out on the chances that come

As long as we share what we know, so...


Lovely one I haven't know you so long, but

Even though this may be true

Now I feel our connection is strong

And I'd love to explore this with you...

Maybe you too...?

If ever you do...

Maybe we two...?



The Story of Lovely One

lovely one

This little ballad pays musical homage to that beautiful BeaTles B-side "This Boy"

It was an honest expression of platonic love to a new female friend in my life.

Who knows where these things go... I never do. Sometimes they grow into something more romantic and sometimes they grow into a stronger and more loving friendship. Other times they can go the other way due to other circumstances and go off the rails somewhat.

But whatever happens if you get a sweet song out of it it's all good! ;)


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music 13519 (2018)