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Never Going There Again

C-amp-er Van Demo

Freeman · Never Going There Again

Recorded live through the amp in the van at 'The Groove House'



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© Spontin Music / Project Freeman Music: 26th March 2004 Gregorian & 16 Libra 13519 UCC (6th October 2018 Gregorian)

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So why’d you come at all last night?

To not say hi? Or just to pass me by?

You said ignoring is not your style

You can’t have practised living up to that for quite a while


Even wearing the same gear

You wore on our night out, you could have changed or not appeared

Was it so hard for you to cope?

And lose a friendship to a late night drunken party grope


In the mirror I see a flirt

Maybe for you it wouldn’t hurt

To open up and recognise

Another mirrored in my eyes


I’m never going there again

I’m never coming here again


We were so close or so I thought

You’re just another lesson now I’ve once again been taught

I always do it to myself

And so I’m really sorry once again my little elf


I hoped that we could get it back

And I’d take your number in my back-pack

But I fucked up and so it seems

I have ruined all our dreams


I’m never going there again

I’m never coming here again

I’m never coming here again

I’m never going there again



The Story of 'Never Going There Again'

I'm sure we've all "been 'there'"

When things have gone pear shaped and while you're there you're thinking "...I'm never coming here again..."

And once you're not there anymore you're thinking "...I'm never going there again!..."

But once all the emotions have calmed down and you look back on events in later years you can see why things went south

In this case there were 14 years** between the starting and completing of this song! So the first half shows the more immature "...What? Why? Who, me? It wasn't me, it was all your fault..." side of things, whilst the more mature, reflective view shows up in the latter parts of the lyrics, written in Galicia during a period of deep contemplation and review. Nothing is ever totally one sided. (There are of course in fact Three Sides To Every Story - Yours, Mine and The Truth!). And lessons will be repeated until learned.

The title is still relevant though, because once you realise where you went wrong hopefully you've learned the lesson and you're 'Never Going There Again' either

The good news is that they did "get it back" and he did take her number in his back-pack and they met up again in Asia and had a great time together :) The not so good news is that they later lost touch again as often happens as we go through life. I wonder where she is now...?


(**So long in fact that in the years in between I used this tune in a different key for another song called 'UCT')


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© Project Freeman Music 2004 Gregorian & 13519 UCC (2018 Gregorian)