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Milky Top Up

Camper Van Demo

Freeman · Milky Top Up



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© Project Freeman Music - 17 Leo♌ 13513 UCC

(7th August 2012 Gregorian)

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When you wake up in the morning

And you stretch your arms out wide

Rub the sleep out of your eyes now

And hug the you inside


Maybe you got someone close yeah?

To also hug each day

Someone close to share a drink with

To start another Happy New Day


But either way, I'm here to say

There's something that you need to set you on your way



Milky, milky top up

A little dash is all you need

Milky, milky top up

To make your coffee 'Kulle' the perfect morning feed


Put a cup of spring fresh water

In a pan that's just the right size for the job

Put the same size cup of milk in

Heat that mixture on the hob


Coffee in the cups next, instant

While the mixture's heating up

When that stuff begins to bubble

Pour it right in two, the cups


But one more thing I'm here to sing

There's one more thing you need f’ that perfect coffee 'ting


Repeat Chorus


(Adlib Chorus to end)



The Story of 'Milky Top Up'

Another Dani song! Written whilst travelling in the south of France.

Basically this is the recipe for how we used to take our morning cafe (decaf for me!) in the Kulle style

Dani's thing was that the cold milk put into the hot mixture to top the cup up was very important to make the coffee the right temperature for a satisfying slurp

I totally agreed and christened it "Milky Top Up" and it became one of our regular morning things whilst we were traveling together. And, I got this Kulle little tune out of it too

Give it a try some time, and you can sing the song while you're brewing


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music 13513 UCC (2012 Gregorian)