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A Test Of My Faith

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · A Test Of My Faith



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© Project Freeman Music 17 Virgo♍ 13517 & 11 Sagittarius♐ 13519 UCC (2016/18 Gregorian)

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When I met you

Manifested into view

The universe that I knew

Brought us together


You turned the tide

For the boy locked inside

With your arms open wide

A Libertine lover


You let him in

Through love he could begin

To grow from Winter to Spring

Whatever the weather


We shared and we learned

Many solo bridges burned

And the tides then we turned

Into each other


And when we camped by those streams

You were the girl of my dreams

But only now, not it seems

We’re not together


And it’s all been a test of my faith


I really thought that all the lessons we were taught

Were the gifts that had brought us closer together

But now you’re gone I wonder what the hell went wrong

And I’m lost in this song at the end of my tether


Your energy fine

I felt a-coiling up my spine

Towards the divine

But heavenly never


Lost lust arrows shoot

Me falling back into my root

And the cards show the suit

In symbols forever


I thought I knew

But through the love that we grew

I’ve gone from mellow to blue

Now I’m not so clever


And it’s all been a test of my faith




We never know

How things will go

But we all have to grow

Alone or together

Whatever the weather

Never say never


And it’s all been a test of my faith



The Story of 'A Test Of My Faith'

a test of faith in love

This one is definitely rife for the 'SubTles' treatment! I came up with the tune whilst I was still with the partner the song relates to. I didn't have any words at the time, but they all came pouring out once she had gone and I was deep in the despair of lost love. It really did feel like all my beliefs about unconditional love were being put strongly to the test.

My 'Scorpio♏Rising' ride (her astrological Ascendant) was a big test of faith for me in so many ways. So many glorious highs and some pretty tough lows, but hey, that's the roller coaster of life eh? ("...It's just a ride..." - Bill Hicks)

But would I do it all again given the chance? Oh yes! For sure! This is how we learn about ourselves through relating with others. The tests of the Seventh House of our astrological birth charts. Seeing ourselves through the eyes of a significant other. The ride goes up and down and it's filled with thrills and spills. It's just a ride, but when you're deep in the middle of the ride, you sure know your alive!

Our faith will be tested many times during each incarnation, but if we're lucky, once we've been through the pain, really used those feelings to break open our hearts and reflected on the lessons we've learned we realise that everything we've been through along the way turns out to be for that reason... for us to really KNOW through experience "what it's all about" :)


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© Project Freeman Music 13517 UCC (2016 Gregorian)