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Litmus A Freeman


DIY Demos

A Selection of 'Do It Yourself' Home Recordings

Stage 2 Recordings

Live and overdubbed 'Do It Yourself' tracks, recorded in bedrooms & basements, spare rooms, houseboats, mates' places, girlfriends' houses, home studios etc etc...

Some of my compositions are demoed in this format


The song versions featured here are Stage 2 demos yet to be superseded by Stage 3, Finished Recordings

Freeman ยท DIY Demos


Track List

(In chronological order of composition)


That's Another Story [1990]

The Isle of Jura [1990/91]

(You Left) Paris In My Car [1990]

News Last Night [1991]

Let It Go* [1991]

Down My Street* [1991]

Favourite Book* [1991]

The Old Man Bloke* [1991]

Prejudice [1991]

I Know Why [1992]

Everywhere I Go [1992]

Another Life [1992]

Sorry (I Fell In Love With You) [1992]

I Don't Need Her [1992]

Silly Game [1995]

Trying To Be Like Me [1995]

Tree In The Wind [1996]

Hector (The Collector) [1996]

When You Return [1997]

And So My Egoes^ [1997]

My Back Yard [1997]

Falling In Love (With Myself) [1997]

Young Age Pensioner [1998]

Without Walking [1998]

Summer Silence [1999]

Wooden War [2000]

Your Call [2004]

And So But You (Song For Jim) [2005]

Wannabe John [2008]

She Wouldn't Do Me [2008]

The Moment Now* [2008]

Thanks To You* [2008]

Life Long Love* [1992/2008]

Answers On A Postcard [2008]

Trudy May [2009]

Happy New Day [2011]

Yes I Do (Unrequited Waitress) ª [13521] (2020)



All songs are by

Litmus A Freeman

© Project Freeman Music

unless otherwise stated


*Co-written with Cliff : Coates

^Co-written with Martin : Hynes

±Co-written with Al : Bloomfield

ªCo-written with Prajna Pranab

ººCo-written with Miguel : Simoes

[" : " between names = "of the family"]


All music performed by

Litmus A Freeman

unless otherwise stated


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