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News Last Night

Live Home Studio Demo

Project Freeman · News Last Night - The SubTles

Recorded live with "The SubTles"


featuring, in addition to my Vocals & Rhythm Guitar,

Cliff Coates (right) on Bass and Dirk Forsdyke (left) on Drums & Backing Vocals


Also available on The SubTles Soundcloud

The SubTles · News Last Night (Live Demo)



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© Project Freeman Music

(1991 Gregorian)

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Hello, it's only me again

I was watching 'News at Ten'

It worried me to think of you

Alone at home - what will they do?


They're sending planes to bomb the East

It said so on the news at least

It must be true, it must be right

It said so on the news last night


They're worried now about the judge

A bomber tried could bear a grudge

And plant a booby trap device

It said so on the news last night


Are you OK? at home alone?

I'm glad I paid to keep the 'phone

Although they're putting up the price

It said so on the news last night




The news seems worse when I'm away

Another crisis yesterday!

The U.S will, the British might

It said so on the news last night

On the news last night

On the news last night

On the news last night

On the news last night



The Story of 'News Last Night'

News: Never Ending Worry & Stress

One of my early attempts at song-writing back in 1991 Smegorian, which was based on how I felt when I was away from home, maybe on a work's training course or something like that

I had a young family and we lived far away from all our relatives, so apart from a few friendly neighbours they were all alone when I was away

Being a born worrier obviously doesn't help the situation and with the psychos who like to be in control and their mainstream media cranking up the fear porn, watching the news is not good for your health at the best of times, and even worse when you're far from home and some kind of (often engineered) trouble is brewing

Years later I realise that a lot of this is by design and keeping the masses scared is one of the best ways for the parasites to maintain their domination over the rest of us. But back then I was years away from starting 'Project Freeman' and thought that even though most of the 'NEWS' was crazy it was actually real! (Ha ha, silly me!)

All the verses are based on events in the news around that time. If you're also a 60s or 70s child, see if you can guess what they were. Answers On A Postcard too...


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© Project Freeman Music (1991 Gregorian)