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Life Long Love

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · Life Long Love

Written with Cliff Coates

© Halco Music/Project Freeman Music (1992/2008 Gregorian)

(Based on a 1992 Gregorian Haley/Coates idea to use a Cliff Coates instrumental that we gave a working title of "Lemon Sponge")



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Written with Cliff Coates

© Halco Music/Project Freeman Music (4th & 11th February 2008 Gregorian)


When we met you were down

Down the end of my way

Remember when you came 'round

And we first started to play?


We were full of ideas

Ideas came looking for us

But overcome with our fears

Our fears came looking to


Freeze my life

And melt your mind

I left my life

I left my life long love


How come we never saw what we had then?

All that went before we can have again

I missed you with me, you missed me too

Ahh Ahh Ahh


Bring it all back today

Today is where it should be

All the things that we say

Are true in all that we see


I could make up a line

A line is waiting for you

And a couple of beers

Will give me life


Cos I love my life

The life I live

I love my life

I love my life long love


Now is our yesterday of future’s past

You will remember if we make you laugh

Memories will linger where you let them be

Ahh Ahh Ahh


Cos I Love my life

The life I live

I love my life

I love my life long love



The Story of 'Life Long Love'

Life Long Love

Like 'Thanks To You' and 'Little Scraps Of Paper' the origins of this song were back in the early 1990s Gregorian and lay as notes in the 'Haley/Coates' songbook for about 16 years, until it was resurected during sessions for 'The SubTles' project in 2008.

Cliff had an instrumental piece that we called "Lemon Sponge", so we took that and built a song around it, using the pretty much 10 year break we'd had from playing together as inspiration. We'd always loved songwriting together in the 90s, usually recording drunken demos late at night, and we'd missed that. This was our Life Long Love. It was good to be doing it again in the 2000s.

We recorded a basic live track in my home studio with drums, bass, guitar and vocals, but the drums (which I played on this occasion) were pretty bad in places and need some editing, so for now we've just got this little camper van demo. Maybe one day I'll get around to those drum edits!


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© Halco Music/Project Freeman Music (1992/2008 Gregorian)