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Down My Street

Live Home Studio Demo

The SubTles ยท Down My Street

Recorded live with "The SubTles"


featuring, in addition to my Vocals & Rhythm Guitar,

Cliff Coates (right) on Bass & Vocals and Dirk Forsdyke (left) on Drums



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(Written with Cliff Coates)

© Halco Music/Project Freeman Music

(1991 Gregorian)

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Down my street there's a Dustman

He empties my bin and he moans a lot

He says that he's hungry

For the food that he hasn't got


He waits around

Until I come

To put out bread for the birds to eat


Oh look here's the Milkman

Battery driven Gold top

He rattles his empties

Winks to the girl at the corner shop


He does his round

He picks her up

And takes her off for a sherbet dip



Down my Street (Down my Street)

The people you meet

Down My Street



You must know the Postman

He knows your wife or so she said

And just like the Milkman

He wishes he was back in bed


His Sacks are full

Of 'Daily Male'

He empties them at Number Ten


Repeat Chorus x 2



The Story of 'Down My Street'

Will go here...



- o X o -


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© Halco Music/Project Freeman Music (1991 Gregorian)