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A Year In The North


UCC Zodiac/Year


This poem has a verse for each 'Zodiac Sign' and associated Triad (month) of the year which contains its associated name, number, 'creature', element, quality, trait, ruling planet and part of the body in the Tropical Zodiac. There are also references here and there to their places in the seasonal cycle and, for the Mid Seasons, the names of their associated Fire Festivals.



At First I Rambled to Self Begin

The year, from Mars the Head of Spring

When day & night share equal parts

And with Fiery balance Aries starts


My eyes then Fixed a Bullish gaze

On a Second creature’s thick Necked graze

As in the Stuff of Beltane’s feast

The Venusian Earth fed Taurus’ beast


Then Mercurially the Air was changed

A Third Mutated Mind arranged

Joined Jack & Jill, the Twins on high

Armed for the summit - Gemini



Atop a Chest as we stayed a while

Sprang Fourth the tropics Homely smile

The Summer cracking Open Crabs

Neath the Watery Moon that Cancer grabs


Then as we fell through Lughnasadh’s Fix

A Fiery Lion played his tricks

The Fifth we’d seen, Pride of the Sun

In Leo’s Heart, Creating fun


Halfway, Changed a Maiden’s Womb

Love of Hermes harvest tome

The Sixth that Earthy Virgo spied

Practically, a Virgin bride



To Start again at equal night

A Seventh setting fell in sight

Helene’s Judgement, telling tales

Of Libra’s Airy Kidney Scales


But then the tale began to Sting

As Mars & Pluto mirrored Spring

The Eighth from Samhain’s Scorpion

Some Sexy Secret Waters sprung


To Change again and end the Fall

I Fired Nine arrows, at a Centaur’s call

Into its Thighs they Travelled thus

By Jove in Sagittarius



Controlling Ten since our quest was born

We stayed the turn of Capricorn

For Satan’s Earthly Goat to please

As the Father Sprang from Winter’s Knees


Then Satan, Free, Eleven times

Tried the Water bearer’s crimes

But Imbolc’s Air of Uranus

Pinned his Shins, Aquarius


Last Universal Winter’s Thor

So Neptune’s Waters, Fishes bore

Twelve Pisces Changed around my Feet

As the Ram again we rose to meet


© Project Freeman Music: 8 Aquariusâ™’ 13521 UCC (27th January 2021 Gregorian)



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