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27th August 1995 Gregorian (Verses) & *17 Aquariusâ™’ 13519 UCC (Chorus)

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We came here once when we were young

We had a son, but only one

And we thought we were the only ones

To find this place under the sun


Though it only seems like yesterday

We wound our way to its sandy bay

Nothing now remains the same

At the bottom of that lane



We went today to Barafundle bay

And I'm afraid to say it's not like yesterday

And I suppose that we are all to blame

We do it all in progress’ name

We want it all to stay the same

But we want it all to change


A field was here but now it's tar

For every bush there's now a car

For every tree there's a cream tea

The blades of grass an underpass


You used to have to walk a mile

To see the view to make you smile

But now you park right 'next the sand

How sad the way we spoil this land


Repeat Chorus




Repeat Chorus


But do we want it all to change?



The Story of 'Barafundle'



Barafundle Bay is in West Cymru ('Wales' in English). I went back there in 1995 Gregorian whilst on a family holiday nearby. We'd been there 10 years previously and enjoyed the magic of having to 'discover' it by walking there down a footpath because at that time you couldn't drive to it.

It was such a shame to find a road had been put in and a car park, and now it was much busier and, like many other places opened up to vehicles, had lost a lot of its charm.

So called progress isn't always a good thing



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