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By The Railroad

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · By The Railroad - Morgan/Freeman

A 'Morgan/Freeman' track

Concept & Music by Morgan Roscouet

Lyrics by Litmus A Freeman & Morgan Roscouet



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© Morgan Roscouet/Project Freeman Music: 2 Aquarius♒ 13523 UCC (21st January 2023 Gregorian)


I live by the railroad where the trains roll by

Next to the Oak Tree, birds above flying high

Maybe migrating, are they just stopping by?


Where have they been to?

Where will they go?

Maybe to places

I’ll never know...


I gaze at the wood-yard over the tracks

Eating the tree trunks, breaking their backs

Processing planking, piled up in stacks


Where have they come from?

Where did they grow?

Maybe in forests. We’ll never know...


All these beings pass through my place

Drift in and drift out, temporary space

Temporal displacement, just passing through

Riding the railroad, the old and the new


Folks in train windows catch in my eye

Living their lifetimes, or living a lie

I'll never know them I'll just wonder why


Where are they going?

Where have they been?

Maybe to places I've never seen...



The Story of 'By The Railroad'

By The Railroad


As usual with Morgan/Freeman tunes this one started with Morgan Roscouet. He'd had the chord structure and the "I live by the railroad" idea for ages. He wanted the words to reflect the concept of the comings and goings of people and things passing by a guy who lives next to a railway line. He already had the oak tree in mind and the birds flying above it. We eventually got around to finishing a full set of lyrics during one of my regular winter visits south.

For some reason whenever he talked about this guy living on the railway I always imagined a wood yard nearby, where trees would come in and planks would go out, loaded onto the trains. And the idea he had about people on the train catching his eye and wondering what their lives were like was cool too.

Next time you're on a train see if you notice any random solo people hanging out, somewhere along the tracks, and maybe you'll wonder what their lives are like



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© Morgan Roscouet / Project Freeman Music 13523 UCC (2023)