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Cosmic Waves

(Demo to Come)

cosmic waves

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© Project Freeman Music: 1-3 Gemini♊ 13520 & 13 Aries♈ 13521 UCC

(24/5/2019 & 4/4/2020 Gregorian)


You used to be in my vicinity

I used to love to have you close to me

And share that world that only we could see

To heal our wounds and set each other free




Cosmic Waves connect us all subconsciously

Communicating in a way that we can't see

Connecting us together telepathically

So all you have to do is send your wave to me



So even if we never meet again

Not knowing if or why or where or when

My thoughts return to you every now and then

And I send some love your way (and count to ten)


Repeat Chorus


For we are all vibrating energy

Within the field of cosmic frequency

Loving each other universally

Is how we set each other's spirits free


Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus Softly



The Story of 'Cosmic Waves'

cosmic waves

These are lyrics I wrote for a tune composed by Jenny Hynes for a music project

When she sent me the tune I instantly felt that it would suit this 'Cosmic Waves' idea I'd had knocking around for while

I already had some of the lyrics and an idea of their scanning, but I had never finished them off

Cosmic waves is another phrase inspired by my time with a beautiful kindred spirit of mine, Dani. Often we would think of each other when we were apart and send a message or call or something and realise that we had been feeling the cosmic waves as I began to call them.

Jenny's tune brought me back to this kind of feeling so I finished off the lyrics inspired by this and the thought that as well as Dani, and Jenny, there were others dear to me who I was no longer in regular conventional contact with, since I'd been on the road for a decade.

But I often think of them and still hold them dear to me, and like to think that at those times they pick up on my vibes and feel the cosmic waves reaching out across the physical distance between us :)



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