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Far Away From Me

Camper Van Demo to Come

Far Away From Me



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© Project Freeman Music (23rd February 1996)

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There we were, only three

Didn't know what to be

Hiding somewhere in the night

Far away from me


There I go, get away

So impure If I stay

Never feeling how it should be

Far away from me


I had tried truth denied

I have lied to be

Close to you now I know it's true

You and me could never be we


Here I am now I'm me

Understand how it's to be

No more hiding out of sight

Far away from me


Far away from me

There's no need to be

Far away from me



The Story of 'Far Away From Me'

Far Away From Me

A very simple song which is self evident I feel. "Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?"

When that happens you just have to get away. But all being well you can stay friends, and once enough water has gone under the bridge you can stop avoiding each other...



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