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Gatherings and Tribes



Fungus and trees, flowers and bees

Each one depends on the other

And nature with ease made your hands and your knees

With the genes from your father and mother


And a baby so small, learning to crawl

Often needs carers to save it

But as it grows tall and drives them “up the wall”

It may forget about all that they gave it


But nature has shown, through all it has grown

We need help from the others around us

We may live on our own and be happy alone

But at times we need friends to surround us


The collective survives, like the bees in their hives

And we can all do our parts to elevate it

Then community thrives as we live out our lives

Through the sum of the hearts that create it


True history knows that as consciousness grows

We can no longer live as we used to

As the system’s new lows shows us we are all those

It can no longer give its abuse to


Because the system divides, funding wars on both sides

Run by psychos deranged by greed feeding

So come tune to the vibes of the gatherings and tribes

And let’s all be the change the world’s needing!


© Project Freeman Music: 21 Aquarius 13524 UCC (9th February 2024 Gregorian)



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Once we've seen the system for what it truly is, we can no longer go on living the way we used to. So, many are on the journey to the same place, a simpler way of living, in a better world, we just start from different places and take different routes to get there. But whichever road we're on we all need help from others along the way. We can't do it on our own so we come together in gatherings along the way to share our skills and what we've learned with each other. And if we're lucky we might find our 'Tribe' or group, community, kindred spirits, soul groups or whatever you want to call it, as we go


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© Project Freeman Music 13524 UCC (2024 Gregorian)