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Holiday After Day

Camper Van Demo to Come

Holiday After Day



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© Project Freeman Music (June 1993)

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Take me away

And don't bring me back 'till the end of the day

I don't need to be here

With the waves calling me to the end of the pier


What there will we find?

Perhaps a strange show to play tricks on the mind

Or a band who don't play

Stay locked in rehearsal, Holiday after day


We used to be young, we used to act daft

We used to make sandcastle sea filled sand paths

And we never grew up inside our heads

We just learned how to sleep in shared double beds

And to act so mature

But it is just an act, of that I'm quite sure




And so for two

Weeks let's be like we

Were, let's sleep late and

Swim, and go with the

Flow of things as they oc-

cur, spontaneously

Speechlessly, spurning rou-

tine, slaves to the

Sun, at one with the

Wind, worshipping

Water, lost in the



So let's not go home

Who needs the T.V., the fax and the 'phone

Yes we're fine as we are

But next year remember, to bring my guitar


Yes I wish I'd remembered

To bring my guitar



The Story of 'Holiday After Day'

Holiday After Day


I was really enjoying a late spring holiday with the family, but had (maybe 'accidentally on purpose') forgotten my guitar.

So this was a collection of holiday thoughts as a poem which I later put to music once I got home. I never wanted to go home from holidays as it meant going back to work. I'm sure many can relate to that one! And it's good to get away from it all, partly to realise what you need to do next. So I quit the band (who stayed locked in rehearals day after day) when I got back, on my birthday, and had a good break from all that too...

One of the references that really dates this song is the fax machine. Anyone remember those?



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