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My Inner Child

Demo To Come

A 'Morgan/Freeman' track

Origins by Morgan, lyrics and arrangement by Freeman



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© Project Freeman Music - Capricorn♑ 13519 UCC (2019 Gregorian)


Think about your childhood memories

Climbing trees, in the sunshine

But playing cowboys with toy guns

Is no fun, when you're on the wrong side


And we forget as we're getting bigger guns

That we pull the trigger on the ones who live over seas

And I regret running up a karmic debt

But the laws of Nature can set us all free




And I try, not to cry, when I remember

How I lied, to the child I locked away inside

My heart flies, now that I can remember

How I feel when I am living true to my

My Inner Child


The system takes us far away from life

And the dreams we had when we were younger

All those heart felt promises

Giving way to feed the hunger


And as we grow we can live another life just so

We can give another life to those we outgrow

And we forget as we’re getting more and more in debt

Just to look at the stuff that's on show


Repeat Chorus




Repeat Chorus



The Story of 'My Inner Child'

My Inner Child


Morgan had the basic chord structure of this tune in 2012 Gregorian, when I first met him. We played around with it just as a tune for years until I eventually finished off the lyrics and arrangement a new body later ;)



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© Morgan Roscouet / Project Freeman Music 2012 Gregorian and 13519 UCC (2019 Gregorian)