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Sleep Walking

Home Studio Demo

Recorded & Produced by Miguel Simoes

Music by Miguel Simoes

Lyrics & Arrangement by Miguel Simoes & Litmus A Freeman

Female Vocal by Beatriz Silva

Male Vocal by Litmus A Freeman



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Miguel Simoes / Litmus A Freeman

©Free Flow Music/Project Freeman Music 13520 UCC (2019 Gregorian)

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I will tell you a story

About a world living a lie

Where everything is fake

And made to keep us sleep walking


There are screens everywhere

To keep our minds busy

It’s hard to know what we can trust

What’s genuine? Illusion?


Foolish pride, zombified!

Unsatisfied with a dream that died

Scared…. Nightmared.

Unaware what took us there


Swept away, led astray

In a daze, wandering the screen maze

Fodder for their money war;

A genuine Illusion


Movies used to fake the news

In fiction, fact, to mind distract

Who am I? What are we?

Wandering in apathy


Is this real? Is this now?

Drugged, the milk of their sacred cow

Drink it down, take a fix

Made to keep us sleep walking


Sleep walking…. Sleep walking….

Sleep walking…. Sleep walking….

Wake Up!


But I know it’s fake, my mind’s awake

So my first step I’m gonna take

Towards the light, with second sight

And wake from my sleep walking


Wake, from my sleep walking…

And wake from my sleep walking…


Wake, from your sleep walking…




The Story of Sleep Walking

Playing with Fast Forward

Playing "Sleep Walking" with 'Fast Forward my Backyard' at the 'Festival do Pao'  in Mafra, Portugal

Miguel had had a demo of this beautiful tune of his for a while and asked me to help him finish it off...
He had written all the music and the first two verses of lyrics
I wrote the remainder of the lyrics up to the instrumental break and he then recorded the demo with Bea singing a lovely lead vocal
Later the same day I added backing vocals and the "wake up" part at the end and we worked together on the final arrangement
Just 7 days after we finished composing the song we performed it at a festival with Miguel's band "Fast Forward my Backyard" (See pic above)


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