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So Much Time

Camper Van Demo to Come

So Much Time



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© Project Freeman Music (15th September 1995 Gregorian)

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How much money does a man need to live

To carry on breathing, to still want to give?

How much money can a man really spend

And still be enjoying, to gain in the end?

How much time does a man have to use

To earn for his family, to buy them new shoes?

How much time does a man have to waste

Proving his worth in another man's way?



Oh not much money

But oh so much time

No, not very much money

But oh so much time


Middle Eight:

We work hard every day to improve things for them

They discard what we say, will we bother again?


How much soul can a man have destroyed?

And carry on giving and conflict avoid

How much heart does a man need to say

To dare to be different, to go his own way?

And how much money will his own way cost?

The support of his brothers if he's not to be lost

And how much time will his own way take?

If he's not to faulter, if his heart's not to break


Repeat Chorus & Middle Eight


Repeat Verse as Instrumental


Repeat Chorus x 2



The Story of 'So Much Time'

So Much Time


A poem put to music, in the questioning style of 'Blowing In The Wind'. Very much from the perspective of the poorer majority who do everything for the wealthy minority

It's time that is the true valuable commodity, and it takes time each lifetime to realise it!



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