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The Reason Why

The Ultimate Shed - Live Home Demo

The Ultimate Shed · The Reason Why (Live Home Demo)

Recorded live direct to cassette tape (hence the poor quality) - 22nd April 1993 Gregorian


Guitars & Backing Vocals - LAF

Bass - Cliff Coates

Lead Vocals - Stella Ager (Day)

Drums - Roland TR505 (Programmed by Litty)


Halco Music (Idea by Cliff Coates)



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© Halco Music / Project Freeman Music (1991 Gregorian)

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We were talking on our own

We were walking so far away from home

Thoughts emerging of our age

Words converging on my page


Images of wonder filled our eyes

Mother Nature’s misery so cleverly disguised



Ahhh All I want

All I need

The Reason Why



Sounds of laughter echo in the sky

As I search after all the reasons why


Wisdom of all ages I was shown

The sorrow of mans changes cuts me, naked, to the bone


Repeat Chorus


Why do we let it go?

Naturally we do not what we know

The world would cease to die

If we all knew the Reason Why




Repeat Chorus to end



The Story of 'The Reason Why'


Cliff (Coates) came back from a walking holiday in the Peninnes (mountain range on the island of Great Britain), if memory serves me right, with the first half of this song. He'd been inspired by his and his partner's experiences of hiking in nature, always a wonderful way to spend time, as anyone who has done it will know.

So at our first music session post holiday he presented me with this concept and waxed lyrical about the wonderment he had felt and his consternation as to why the hell many of us humans harm nature so much, or at least allow nature to be harmed. I agreed wholeheartedly and came up with the chorus & middle eight chord sequences, and I think we finished off the rest of the lyrics together.

There's a little play on words reference to one of our earlier, environment related songs in the middle eight: "Natural 'E'' we do not what we know"

And so, forgiving the poor tape quality, this is more early 1990s Haley/Coates & Ultimate Shed nostalgia. And, at last - because it was written prior to the 1992, Ultimate Shed batch of 'Indie' songs - a different drum machine rhythm to the rest of those!


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© Halco Music / Project Freeman Music (1991 Gregorian)