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Blessin' Or A Lesson

all lessons are blessings

Camper Van Demo To Come



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© Project Freeman Music: 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)

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Are you a blessin’ or a lesson?

Cause my love I am confessin’

With my heart you been a messin’

And you been causin’ me a stressin’

Oh my love I am confessin’

With the words I am a stressin’

Maybe I’m digressin’

Are you a blessin’ or a lesson?


And she said I love you please don’t worry

I just need to go and talk to him

Then I promise I’ll forget all about him

And leave it all behind, enjoy my time with you

It’s reminded me that I need to be free

Though you’re an awesome man

Sometimes I have this urge to just do something “wrong”

To feel excitement, to live and feel alive


Repeat Chorus


But I know that it’s not worth spoiling something precious

Just for the buzz of another new thing

Because that new thing will soon become an old thing

It won’t feel new anymore

I just got there and forgot all about you

I didn’t care, you were the last thing on my mind

Because we’ve spent so much time together

And I just need some space to be me, and to be free


Repeat Chorus


Hey I love you no worries

I just need to feel the buzz of that new thing

Then I’ll come back home and we will be together

And I won’t feel like I have to go



I wanna be a blessin’ not a lesson

(She’s a blessin’ AND a lesson)



The Story of 'Blessin' Or A Lesson'

all lessons are blessings

The words are taken verbatim from a demo I did during this little 'Scorpio Rising' crisis, while I was waiting for my love to return, and even wondering if she would. (She did, and we had 3 more years together :) )

I literally just made all this up spontaneously while I was trying out the chords, based on what she'd said to me before she left. So it's a bit of a jumble and some of it doesn't scan particularly well, but this is how it came out, so here it is!

One day I'll arrange this song properly and edit the lyrics into a better story, because I really like the idea and the music, but for now here it is in all its raw, painfull, insecure unglory, ouch!


- o X o -


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