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Free Not To Be Normal

(On Being Normal)

Live Gig Demo

Freeman · Free Not To Be Normal

Words by Prajna Pranab (1998 Gregorian)

Music and Arrangement by Litmus © Project Freeman Music 13517 UCC (2016 Gregorian)

Title Suggested by Kali Prajita

First Performance by Litmus live in Portugal on "Smeg End" (Gregorian New Year's Eve)
11th of TEN-Capricorn♑ 13517 UCC
(31/12/2016 Gregorian)



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(Arranged by Litmus from the poem On Being Normal by Prajna Pranab)

© Prajna Pranab - Tomboy Pink


So what is normal and what are its bounds?

A nominalisation on medical grounds

Decided by doctors doing their rounds

Determined by doctors who study the brain

Who say I’m not normal and drug me again


But I’m free, not to be normal


But anxiety’s normal so I would have guessed

If a copper turns up in a bullet-proof vest

It’s normal to argue when someone insists

Your behaviour is manic and mind’s in a twist


But you’re free, not to be normal


It’s normal to protest to plead and to pray

When an ambulance calls to take you away

It’s normal to mind when they fail to explain

Quite what it is has gone wrong with your brain


But you’re free, not to be normal


It’s normal for doctors to err on the side

Of professional judgement and arrogant pride

Assuming you’re guilty before you’ve been tried

And flatter themselves as they put you inside


That they were the ones who had to decide

If you were disordered or others had lied


But you’re free, not to be normal


It’s hard to accept and it’s painful to see

What is normal for them isn’t normal for me

I’d like to listen to what someone said

Before I committed a hospital bed


But we’re free, not to be normal



The Story of 'Free Not To Be Normal'

On Being Normal

See 'On Being Normal' and find more of Prajna's poems by clicking on the image


Having been presented with a book of original poems by my good friend (and now fellow 'TRUEbadour') Prajna Pranab, I was inspired to put a couple of them to music. The first was this one and the second 'Yes I Do!'

I had a tune knocking around, just a chord sequence really, and thought it would work with the words of Prajna's poem, which I'd always liked.

Our Kali, his partner, suggested the title (which I also really liked) when I was experimenting with arrangements in the van one night and then I tried it out for the first time at a gig in the village the following evening

What you hear on this page is an edit of that first live take, which still has a few mistakes in it due to its newness (I was trying things out as I went along really) but I thought I'd put it here on the site because it has a really good message

We're all free not to be normal, because afterall, what the hell is normal anyway?!?


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music - Sagittarius♐ & Capricorn♑ 13517 UCC (2016 Gregorian)