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Hate The Hate

Unfinished Home Studio Demo

Vacant Lot · Hate The Hate (Guide Vocal)

'Vacant Lot' Unfinished Home Studio Demo (Guide Vocal Only) - Recorded 17th May 1998 Gregorian

Joining me (Guide Vocal / Acoustic Guitar / Drum Programming) are:
Bass-Martin Hynes, Electric Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Drums-Roland (The Drum Machine!)



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(19th February 1998 Gregorian)

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Here I am

Adrift at sea

I'm searching for the island

Where I can just be me

So will you come

And help me row my boat

Without your help it could be hard

To keep myself afloat


Don’t let me drift away

Share my thoughts today

Help me spread the word

Throughout a soul un-searching world



Educate to hate the hate

Intolerance is the only thing you shouldn’t tolerate

The only thing worth hating is the hate

Intolerance is the only thing you shouldn’t tolerate


It’s just a drug

Driven by a small mind

A negativity

Is it swamping me

Know who I am?

Don’t let the feeling spread

If you give a damn


We can try

Argue in defiance

In our self defence

Self awareness

Brings a self reliance

So find out who you are


Repeat Chorus




Repeat Chorus x 2



The Story of 'Hate The Hate'

Never got around to finishing the vocals on this one, so there are no harmonies and it's just a guide vocal, but as my aim is to get demos of all my songs on line this will do for now.

Inspired by Martin Hynes. Hynesey said this phrase to me, while we were in a curry house in Birmingham somewhere if memory serves me right, we were there for a Man Utd away game at Villa Park I think... Anyway, he said that the only thing we should hate is hate itself and that the only thing we should not tolerate was intolerance!

I loved this idea and its meaning and so, inspired, wrote the rest of the words not long afterwards. The best key for singing still needs sorting before I hopefully, eventually get around to recording a proper version, but I hope you like the sentiment behind the song, even in its poor, current (24 year old!) state


- o X o -


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