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Lolly Pop

Home Studio Demo

Vacant Lot · Lollypop [1997]

'Vacant Lot' Home Studio Demo (1999 Gregorian)

Joining me (Vocals / Lead Guitar / Drum Programming) are:
Bass-Martin Hynes, Rhythm Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Drums-Roland (The Drum Machine!)



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(1997/99 Gregorian)

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I, don’t know why

I hang around the rooftops

Licking on a lollypop


And I, don’t know why

I lick a lolly lavishly

A little like an icecream


Cos up on the roof you can see every star

And it keeps you away from the people you are

Close to the sky like a man in a cloud

Looking inside and laughing out loud

Feeling proud!

Of your Lolly Pop


I, I can see

The flavour of my Lolly Pop

With a megaphone


And I, like to feel

Like I’m floating on a mushroom

In a packet full of jelly tots!


Cos Lolly’s are cool and Jelly’s are great

Hold your Lolly aloft while you suck on a flake

Dip your Lolly in cream it’s a heavenly sight

The red and the cream and the cream and the white

Have a lick and a suck and a suck and a bite

In the light of the day and the dark of the night

Feeling proud!

Of your Lolly Pop


Of your Lolly Pop

Lolly Pop!



The Story of 'Lolly Pop'

lickin' on a lolly pop

A VERY silly song, obviously influenced heavily by the smoking of nature's finest green!

But also I remember, influenced by Morrisey type lyrics in Smiths songs (thanks to Martin Hynes) particularly 'Big Mouth' I think, which we used to play at this time, where Joan of Arc was noted to have been using a hearing aid and listening to a 'Walkman'?!

(Plus a heavy dose of 60s/70s child innuendo of course)

The guitar and drum sounds on these old demos is awful, but I've put them on line just to hear how the song goes.

Maybe one day I'll get around to recording better versions, but I think this one is going to be WAY down the list of priorities! xD


- o X o -


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