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Major Minor

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · Major Minor - Morgan/Freeman

(Instrumental Only)

A 'Morgan/Freeman' track

Original Tune by Morgan Roscouet

Lead Guitar by Litmus A Freeman



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© Project Freeman Music 12 & 15 ELEVEN-Aquarius♒ 13523 UCC (2023)


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Oh Major Minor majored in the minor key

With flattened thirds and sixths and sevenths all day long he'd be

But it was frowned upon within the military


They wanted men to march in major moves with utmost dignity

And felt that minor scales would bring them down into a misery


And Miner Major was the leader of a mining gang

They mined for gold nearby the base where Major Minor sang

One day they hit upon a seam so rich a bell they rang


To celebrate their find all day and night that day that bell they rang

Disturbing Major Minor's scales so to their mine he ran and sang


"I'm Major Minor, a major in the minor key

And Miner Major your men's bell ringing is disturbing me

My men need practice on a scale that you would rarely see

So kindly stop to ring that bell!"


Now Miner Major took offence at the Major's tone

And his gang was drunk and couldn't leave that bell alone

And so the miner ignored away the Major's moan


They drunk some more, no longer poor, the gold they'd struck would pay the loan

They'd made arrangements with the bank, to mine, over the telephone


So Major Minor made a plan of sabotage

He stole a crane the army'd parked in their garage

And stole the bell while the gang were bathing sur-la-plage


He dumped their bell in a woodland well, but the bell it was too large

He said "Oh fuck!" as it got stuck, then rang to call his Major Sarge


"Oh Sergeant Major, it's Major Minor help me please!

For if you cannot I may need a posting overseas

Miner Major's bell's stuck in a well among the trees


And they are sure to know that

Yes they are sure to know

They're sure to know that it was me!"



The Story of 'Major Minor'

Major Minor


A Morgan tune to which Freeman added lead guitar, and later wrote some lyrics

Now we need a demo of the song with the lyrics :)



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© Morgan Roscouet / Project Freeman Music 13523 UCC (2023)