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My Intelligent Mind

Haley/Coates Home Demo

Freeman กค My Intelligent Mind - Haley/Coates

Recorded on a Fostex M80, 8 Track Reel to Reel Tape Machine - 1991 Gregorian

Stereo mix was bounced onto cassette tape (hence the poor quality)


Guitars & Vocals - LAF

Bass - Cliff Coates

Drums - 'Roland' - the TR505 Drum Machine



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© Halco Music / Project Freeman Music: 1991 Gregorian

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She walks, I'm hypnotised

She talks, with hips and thighs


The way she moves, moves me inside

And when she moans, I'm satisfied



She knows, her body is mine

We physically rhyme

I know, one day she'll find

My Intelligent Mind

My Intelligent Mind

It's a matter of time

Until she finds

My Intelligent Mind


She dials, Invites me round

She smiles, as she goes down, down, down


For what she wants, she uses men

But they abuse her again and again


Repeat Bridge/Chorus



The Story of 'My Intelligent Mind'

mind synapses firing

Like Natural 'E', Life Is So Unfair and Edge Of A Dream this was an early 'Haley/Coates' song and one of the first few to be 'recorded'.

The idea was that we would turn things on their head and have a guy, typically physically obsessed with the woman in his life, singing hypocritically about how he was sure that she would one day want him for his mind rather than his body!

We never really finished that version of the recording though because we formed 'The Ultimate Shed' with Stella Ager (now Day) and changed the lyrics to a more conventional female perpective for her to sing. So I did some overdubs onto that earlier recording a couple of years later, but still had to do the stereo 'master' onto cassette tape as I didn't have anything better.

More early 90s nostalgia from our second home (bedroom) recording session.


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