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Taking It All For Granted

Unfinished Home Studio Demo

Vacant Lot · Taking It All For Granted (Guide Vox)

'Vacant Lot' Unfinished Home Studio Demo (Guide Vocal Only) - Recorded 17th May 1998 Gregorian

Joining me (Guide Vocal / Acoustic Guitar / Drum Programming) are:
Bass-Martin Hynes, Electric Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Drums-Roland (The Drum Machine!)



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(29th March - 1st April 1998 Gregorian)

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Can you see the world

Your world, my world

Through another’s eyes?


From another land

Big land, wide land

On the other side


He sees what we see

But really, in glory

In all it’s wondrous worth


Crazy as the moon

Sundays, half days

When our world shuts down


Marmite on our tongues

Football, round ball

Church bells on the air


"Mustn’t grumble eh"

Milkman, postman

Two more beans on toast


Making hay in June

Stingeys, dock leaves

Down a country lane


On a seaside pier

O/S, oh yes

Coloured detailed lyes


Watch the free T.V.

Breath air, oh yeah

Standing on a hill


Concerts in a field

Hedgerows, stone walls

Christmas cracker cake


Double decker bus

Post box, phone box

Red like autumns leaves


Seasons come and go

Cream teas, scuffed knees

Jam and buttered scones


You could do the same

His world, their world

Through your outside eyes


It’s no national thing

Don’t care, anywhere

They’re taking it all for granted


Look here, cold beer

We’re taking it all for granted

Look there, everywhere

Their taking it all for granted


Taking it all for granted

Taking it all for granted

Taking it all for granted



The Story of 'Taking It All For Granted'

dry stone walls on a country lane

Never got around to finishing the vocals on this one, so there are no harmonies and it's just a guide vocal, but as my aim is to get demos of all my songs on line this will do for now.

A poem put to music, this one was inspired by reading 'Notes From A Small Island' by Bill Bryson

As an American experiencing Great Britain through his travels, I liked the way he celebrated the uniqueness of 'the small island' and the things that he found that made it different to everywhere else. I've often felt the same when exploring new places and strange new foreign lands, and often the people there are just used to it so they take it for granted, and maybe after a while they forget to appreciate the things they used to love...

Perhaps we all have a tendancy to do that, wherever we're from and wherever we are. So it's good to travel, go away and come back and maybe see things like an outsider again?

I could have used a lot more references to Britain, but the ones in this song are some that BB used in his book plus a few of my own. If you were going to write about where YOU are from, what would you list in your poem?

(P.S. - note to the UK tourism people - you really should make more of your unique "real ale" beer when promoting the island to travelers!)


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