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The Path To War

Camper Van Demo to Come

The Path To War



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The clock is ticking faster every day

The diplomats have said all they can say

We advise, you try and find a compromise

And sanction further sanctions right away


You saw the gulf invasion as a threat

Not as a chance for talks we thought we'd never get

We can see, you've missed an opportunity

Your heading for a fight we'll all regret


We want to drive Iraq out of Kuwait

But ways to save young precious lives I've not heard in debate

The super power has given us eleventh hour

After just eleven weeks of stalemate


What makes this new invasion so unique

Your haste to strike shows up the fact your reasons to are weak

Just for oil, you'd spill young blood on foreign soil

And kill the sons of those for whom you speak


Your big mistake was setting a deadline

And forcing East and West alike to live on borrowed time

Mr. Baker, you'll not be one to meet your maker

Fighting to defend the Western line


So let's remember what we're aiming for

Peace throughout the middle east, for the oil-rich and the poor

With Desert Shield our sanctions' strength would be revealed

And turn us off our rocky road to war


We're sliding down the slippery slope to war

I can't believe we're on The Path to War



The Story of 'The Path To War'

The Path To War

A pacifist's protest song, which looking back does seem to fall for some of the deception about sanctions at that time, but which otherwise is sound in suggesting that anything is better than sacrificing lives for what was actually about preventing potential problems with the middle eastern oil supplies, rather than defending a sovereign nation.

There is so much hipocrisy from western governments (well actually most governments!) about their real reasons for going to war, and many of them have really been about oil. Just see the difference in their approaches to conflicts which do or do not involve impact on oil supplies to the west. Very different.

Also see for example 'Where There's Oil (Where There's Not) which looks at the difference of approach a few years later to what was going on in the east of europe



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