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Waiting For The Harvest

Haley/Coates Home Demo

Freeman ยท Waiting For The Harvest - Haley/Coates

Recorded on a Fostex M80, 8 Track Reel to Reel Tape Machine - 1991 Gregorian

Bounced onto cassette tape (hence the poor quality)


Guitars & Vocals - LAF

Bass - Cliff Coates

Drums - 'Roland' - the TR505 Drum Machine



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© Halco Music / Project Freeman Music: 1990 Gregorian

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I see an opportunity

It's obvious to me

Something here potentially

I'm sure you will agree

Let me show you


There is something we all need

Help me plant the seed

There are many mouths to feed

So follow where I lead

Let me show you

Ahhh... let me show you



If your Waiting for the Harvest

You must prepare the way

If your Waiting for the Harvest

Don't throw your seed away...

Waiting for the Harvest

Ahhh... Waiting for the Harvest




Repeat Chorus


I know a place where we can go

A place that you should know

Where together we can grow

The seed you helped me sow...

Let me show you...



The Story of 'Waiting For The Harvest'

a nice harvest sunset

Like Natural 'E', Life Is So Unfair, Edge Of A Dream and My Intelligent Mind this was an early 'Haley/Coates' song and one of the first few to be 'recorded'.

I think this was a Cliff (Coates) idea, and once we had the title and subject matter the rest flowed from that. Lots of allegorical word play about planting, growing and harvesting, as we do throughout our lives. Karma says we reap what we sow, and that, together with making the most of what we have, is really the main message of this song.

We never really finished our version of this recording because we formed 'The Ultimate Shed' with Stella Ager (now Day) singing and so gave it to her to sing. So I did some overdubs onto that earlier recording a couple of years later, but still had to do the stereo 'master' onto cassette tape as I didn't have anything better.

As you can hear it's a very "lo-fi" poor quality record, but the main thing with these old demos is just to hear how the song goes. When you have over 200 songs to record you really have to prioritise new recordings, so this 'will do for now'. More early 90s nostalgia from our second Haley/Coates home (bedroom) recording session :)


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